Second meeting, Prague

11-14 October 2019 

The purpose of our second event was to research and organise our first public Movement & Technology workshop to see how we can concretely collaborate within the team, how to define the target group of such an event and how to design the workshop to it could be beneficial for participants of both fields (performing art and technology). We continued the work on the mapping process of the movement and tech field in the V4 region, as well as the common reflection on the field in question. Furthermore we dedicated this meeting to a study visit at Signal Festival.

11 October 

  • STELLA team session: preparation of the public workshop
  • Study visit to Signal Festival

12 October

  • Movement & Technology workshop – day 1, Alta
  • Study visit to Signal Festival

13 October

  • Movement & Technology workshop – day 2, Prostor39
  • Study visit to Signal Festival

14 October

  • STELLA team session: 

World café II. – using as a support Dorothea von Hantelmann’s article, When You Mix Something, It’s Good to Know Your Ingredients 

How would you place the field of dance and field of new media arts in the context of time-based arts and space-based arts? What are the possibilities that the merging of the fields of dance and tech could provide to new audiences? How to engage young audiences by the field of dance & tech?

Mapping process

Common reflection on Signal Festival


Michal Mitro (SK/CZ), post media artist, composer, visual artist

Mária Júdová (SK/CZ), visual artist

Luboš Zbranek (CZ), visual artist, light designer

Kristóf Szabó (HU), visual artist

Attila Szász (HU), software engineer

Brigitta Kovács (HU), cultural manager

Flóra Eszter Sarlós (HU), choreographer and dancer

Emese Kovács (HU), dancer

Main supporter: International Visegrad Fund

Special thanks to our project partners and Signal Festival, Alta and Prostor39 in Prague.