Physicality in virtual spaces


What makes VR different to other media, is that it is as much a physical experience as it is visual. It allows to capture physicality and to reimagine our perception of body, space and time like no other media. Re-imagination of the physicality will be at the core of the workshop. During the workshop, we will go through our previous artworks to demonstrate how the concepts of body and perception relate to our practice, research and interest. We will use cinematic VR experience DUST as a basis to explain how we use virtual reality to alter user’s body perception. After short conceptually/theoretically driven introduction, the series of hands-on experiments will follow. Participants will use the digital technologies in order to reimagine their physicality and to discover the creative possibilities of VR based techniques in the context of movement, dance and choreography. Using the VR headset, creative coding node based toolkit VVVV and a volumetric recordings using depth camera we will create experiences in which one is able to observe his or hers own body movements from a perspective of third person in real time or in recording. We will examine the impact of different time, location and scale perspective on a movement self-perception.

Led by Maria Júdová (SK/CZ), Japan Media Arts Award winner digital artist

Target group:
Choreographers, dancers, theatre makers and movers interested in using digital tools such as VR for the creation of movement.
Photos: Csaba Molnár
Video: Dániel Stámusz

Virtual reality, VR, volumetric recordings, 3D, dance, choreography, movement, vvvv, visual programming, creative coding, visuals, digital art