Luboš Zbranek


Luboš Zbranek (1984, Czech) is a 3d artist, VJ, video and light designer. While studying Theory of Interactive Media at Masaryk University, he extend his interests in building interactive environments (either on stage or in public space) and in exploring of human-machine, human-code and human-artificial relationships. It allows him to transfer artistic ideas via a playful manner and allow to recipients a joyful experience in a suggestive way. Creation of his own multimedia tools enlarges possibilities beyond default or open sources. Further studies of Light Design at Janaček Academy of Performing Arts adds another level to artistic possibilities and borders of light design, light art and performativity. His work in theatres tends to combine nontraditional media with performing arts, building on stage interactive environments and technologically extend the theatre itself. As a light and video designer he made performances among others in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Romania and Luxembourg.