Third meeting, Košice

20-25 November 2019 


In Košice our main focus was to set up the future of STELLA as a long-term project, to continue to work on the mapping of the region as well as on the design of the website. Our purpose was also to offer two public events: a movement & VR workshop entitled Physicality in Virtual Spaces, as well as an interdisciplinary piece, Urgent Need to Breathe in the frame of Art&Tech Days. Furthermore we dedicated this event for a study visit and networking at Art&Tech Days Košice 2019.

20 November 

  • Study visit to Art&Tech Days


21 November

  • BEYOND WORDS, Conference, Art&Tech Days


22 November

  • STELLA team session: World café III. – the future of STELLA as a long term project, Kasárne
  • Study visit to Art&Tech Days


23 November

  • STELLA team session: mapping process & website, Kasárne
  • Physicality in Virtual Spaces, workshop led by Mária Júdová, Kasárne

24 November

  • Urgent Need to Breathe – interdisciplinary piece, Tabacka Kulturfabrik


Michal Mitro (SK/CZ), post media artist, composer, visual artist

Mária Júdová (SK/CZ), visual artist

Luboš Zbranek (CZ), visual artist, light designer

Jacek Niepsujewicz (PL), dancer, choreogrpaher

Attila Szász (HU), software engineer

Brigitta Kovács (HU), cultural manager

Flóra Eszter Sarlós (HU), choreographer and dancer

Emese Kovács (HU), dancer


Main supporter: International Visegrad Fund

Special thanks to our project partners, Art&Tech Days, Tabacka Kulturfabrik and Kasarne.