Dance (re)mediated


The workshop incorporates a common reflexion and a practical, creative process around the following questions: How can we integrate digital technologies into performing arts? Why the actors of these two fields can be interested in each other’s work? What do we mean by reactivity or interactivity in the field of technology or media arts and how can it be connected to movement?

Participants have the possibility to try out and understand several tools, gadgets and hand-on examples and get into a short creative session combining movement with one of the chosen tool of the workshop.



I. Common warm-up, introduction and discussion to understand the possibilities of the merging the two fields.

II. Presentation and try out of the tools of the workshop (eg. different sensors, kinect, addressable and wearable LEDs, etc)

III. Creative session – creative work in smaller groups with a chosen tool

IV. Open presentation and feedbacks


Target group: dancers, choreographers, actors, theatre makers, students and teachers interested in the field of movement & technology


The workshop is led by:

Lubos Zbranek (CZ) – live visuals, light design, creative coding

and facilitated by:

Michal Mitro (SK/CZ) – sound art,  composition, visual arts

Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Ziggurat Project (HU) – movement, choreography


Video by Dániel Stámusz


movement, dance, sensor-sensing, digital technology, reactivity / interactivity