Final event, Budapest

07-09 November 2020 

The first edition of STELLA’s dance&tech program series took place in Budapest. The purpose of the final event was to provide a 3 days long program series including workshops, performances, installations and a conference. Our aim was not only to attire attention to the field of movement and technology, but also to create a platform to exchange, to meet and reflect with artists and other professionals of the field coming from the 4 Visegrad countries. Furthermore, an important purpose was to create the pilot of STELLA networking live event in a smaller festival format, that could serve as the basis for future events in larger formats.

The workshop ‘Dance (re)mediated’ incorporated a common reflexion and a practical, creative process around the following questions: How can we integrate digital technologies into performing arts? Why can the actors of these two fields be interested in each other’s work? What do we mean by reactivity or interactivity in the field of technology or media arts and how can it be connected to movement? Participants had the possibility to try out and understand several tools, gadgets and hand-on examples and get into a short creative session combining movement with one of the chosen tools of the workshop.

The second workshop, ‘Physicality in Virtual Spaces focused on the possibilities of VR in performing arts. Mária Júdová, Slovak award winning media artist went through her previous artworks to demonstrate how the concepts of body and perception relate to her practice, research and interest and how they use virtual reality to alter user’s body perception. After the short conceptually driven introduction, a series of hands-on experiments followed. Participants were asked to create a short movement phrase which was then captured by volumetric camera. Then they could preview their movement material in Virtual Reality and look into how different time, location and scale might impact our perception of body and physicality. The goal was to get inspired, explore how digital tools might influence and shape further movement creation. The workshop was very successful and thought-provoking among the participants who were mostly young audience.

The conference was a very important achievement for us. First of all because it engaged several professionals from all V4 countries and gave the possibility to create a platform to interact and reflect mostly on the intersection of the two fields, but also on the current situation and dependence on online platforms. We could try in practice how to create a hybrid on and offline event that gave the possibility to reach out to more participants outside of Hungary or even the V4 region. The organisation of the conference itself was already very beneficial for creating a professional network for the continuation of the project. Listening to the talks gave us a unique opportunity to get closer to the important questions of the field itself. Participants listened to relevant Artistic Case Studies from artists and collaborators around the V4 region and a ‘Roundtable discussion’ around how these crossovers could contribute to audience development, new creations and innovations in the V4 region.


By the double bill event (Urgent Need to Breathe and Mandala) and the installation of KristofLAB, we could offer relevant interdisciplinary pieces to the audience that were linked to the workshops and conference as well. An audience talk served as an exchange platform for more involvement of the audience.

07 / 11 / 2020 SATURDAY

08 / 11 / 2020 SUNDAY

Andrea Kovács (HU) – art manager, curator of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts’ smART! program series and co-curator of Zsolnay Light Festival
Nina Kov (HU) – choreographer, drone-choreographer and movement director, a 2016 recipient of the New Europe 100 award, and choreographed Kristof Deák’s 2017 Oscar® winning short film “Mindenki” (Sing)
Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka (PL) – curator, international project manager of WRO Center (Wroclaw), curatorial director of media art at the Sapporo International Art Festival in Japan
Brigitta Bödenauer (AT) –  experimental filmmaker, installation artist and electronic musician
IP Group (PL) – interdisciplinary artistic collective from Wroclaw
Michal Mitro (SK/CZ) – visual artist, composer and performer
Attila Szász (HU) – software engineer

Lucia Dubačová (SK) – founding director of Sensorium Festival
Michal Hladký (SK) – director of Creative Industry Košice, organizer of Art & Tech Days
Márta Ladjánszki (HU) – dancer, choreographer, artistic vice president of L1 Association
Ágnes Bakk, Bálint Márk Turi (HU) – from Zip-Scene Conference

More about the speakers:

09 / 11 / 2020 MONDAY

Double bill performance evening + audience talk, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

Main supporter: International Visegrad Fund

Special thanks to our project partners, The Slovak Institute in Budapest, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, National Cultural Fund of Hungary – Imre Zoltán program and Summa Artium.

Video: Dániel Stámusz

Photo: Csaba Molnár